Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fort Douglas Museum

Last weekend we decided to try the Fort Douglas Museum up by the University of Utah. It is a small war museum, and it is free! The entire time we walked through the museum, we kept saying we should have brought Grandpa who is a veteran. Luckily, we found out he has been to this museum so we didn't feel too bad.

The museum has some artifacts from pioneer times, and then slowly works its way up through history with a displays from the Vietnam War and Korean War. Uniforms, old bullets and guns, and other types of momentos are displayed in this museum. Our boys have become very good at looking at these types of displays, but other children might find it a little tedious. Also, there are stairs, so it isn't totally stroller friendly. We carried our stroller up and down the stairs, but there was no other access to one section of the museum.

The first display shows soldiers from different wars,

Civil War era cannon

He loved being the captain!

The best part of the museum is where you head outside. Luckily for us, it was a warm day and the snow was half melted. This might be a better spring/summer/fall activity than winter. Outside there are tanks, helicopters, other military vehicles, as well as some large guns. We all enjoyed looking at the different vehicles outside. This is where we spent most of our time.

Overall, we had a fun time at the Fort Douglas Museum. It is small, but I think the outside stuff is worth the trip if you have kids who love big vehicles. Our boys were so well behaved the museum workers gave them two army men each. We also ended up with a huge bucket of army men after this trip and we have spent hours building forts and setting up armies. All purchases and donations help the museum.

Tanks on the left, Helicopters to the right.

The baby came too! Here he is enjoying the cannons and guns.

Playing army men all the time!

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  1. Why have we never been here?! My gosh! JJ would be in HEAVEN!! And FREE?! You've just made two people in this family very happy! Thanx! :)